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What is a timelapse?

A time-lapse is a series of images taken at intervals over a long period of time, played back at high-speed to form a fast paced sequence. Timelapses lasting hours or days can take advantage of advanced production techniques, like high dynamic range photography or robotic camera mounts to create cinematic visuals.

For lengthier shoots unmaned cameras are installed on location, programmed to take shots automatically at regular intervals and monitored routinely by a technician over the course of weeks or even months.

Whatever the method, timelapses are a non-intrusive, visually captivating record of time. Great for bitesize social media content, they can make even tedious and drawn-out processes appear both effortless and exciting!

Take a look at a selection of our recent timelapses below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of timelapse

  • High dynamic range timelapse
  • Motion timelapse
  • Longform timelapse

What To Expect

Successful timelapse videos take careful planning to guarantee the right camera placement and interval settings along with advanced image processing to create smooth and seamless sequences. Lucky for you, Humanoid can offer the full end-to-end service, which means you can simply sit back, relax and be amazed by the finished result!



We’ll meet with you to understand your project, how long you expect it to last and how many camera angles will be needed.



Our professional cameras will be positioned in strategic locations, programmed with timings and closely monitored.



From reviewing images to adjusting speed & lighting, we’ll blend the exposures to eliminate gliches and camera shake.

Why Humanoid…

At Humanoid, we’ve got lots of experience working on studio shoots, which means once we’ve agreed the plan together, you can sit back and relax from the comfort of the green room, safe in the knowledge we’ll get all the shots you need – and more. Likewise, if you want to be more hands on, you’re more than welcome to join us in amongst the action and sign off each shot at a time.

Our studio in Birmingham is acoustically treated and outfitted with a full complement of professional lighting equipment.
With two permanent infinity coves for quickfire white and greenscreen work, plus 2500 sqft of flexible space to build custom sets; it’s the perfect facility for our team of experts to bring your video to life.

For larger scale shoots, our regional connections give us access to full sound stages including top end facilities used by the BBC.

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Location shoots

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