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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions form the basis of a Contract between two or more parties for the production of a media project whereby the supplying production company (Humanoid Productions Ltd, Company Number 07016206) shall be known as “Humanoid” and the client shall be known as “the Client”.


  1. Project estimates are exclusive of VAT.  (Registration Number: 113062566)
  2. Project estimates are valid for 30 days at the quoted rate.
  3. All estimates are based on recommendation, and should be used as guidance only.
  4. Any additional services, required as a result of changes to the project brief or circumstances beyond Humanoid’s control, will be chargeable at Humanoid’s standard rates.
  5. Humanoid’s standard rates can be found on the company’s Rate Card.  These production rates will be reviewed every 90 days and are subject to change.  Please contact Humanoid for the latest version.


Payment & Project Agreement

  1. A 25% deposit is required in advance of starting a project.
  2. A project agreement will be provided alongside all deposit invoices. The agreement will summaries the projects key deliverables and may list additional terms and conditions related to that project.
  3. Payment of the deposit by the client indicates full acceptance of Humanoids terms and conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions laid out within in the project agreement. This forms the basis of a contract between Humanoid and the Client.
  4. Projects will be split into staged payments throughout the production process.  The final staged payment will be invoiced on delivery of the first draft.
  5. Payments thereafter are required for the invoiced amount within 28 days of the issued date. Payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer.
  6. If payments are not met, Humanoid reserves the right to discontinue any ongoing services and revoke intellectual property rights for any content delivered or in production.
  7. Late payments will incur 4% interest per month.


Video Amendments

  1. All videos are entitled to two complimentary draft reviews to allow the client to request changes to the video edit before the final delivery.
  2. Once a draft video is “signed off” for final render, or has undergone two draft reviews, any future changes will be chargeable at Humanoid’s standard rates.  Final renders after the complementary draft reviews will be referred to as “Release Candidates”.
  3. Humanoid reserves the right to disallow any complementary changes during the draft review, should they be deemed unreasonable or deviate substantially from the original agreement/brief.



  1. The Client cannot change their obligations from the agreement, nor can they be transferred to anyone else.
  2. By cancelling a project after signing the agreement, the Client will forfeit the full deposit and incur any production costs up to the point of cancellation.


Property Rights

  1. Humanoid retains all property rights on any media content produced, unless otherwise stated in the project agreement.
  2. Intellectual property rights and permitted use of any media content produced by Humanoid can be revoked if payment has not been met within the invoiced due date, or if the terms of the project agreement are not met.
  3. Property rights and licencing of any third party content will be outlined separately in the project agreement.
  4. Footage cannot be used or repurposed to misrepresent Humanoid’s services and/or cause damage to Humanoid’s reputation.
  5. Property rights are defined as:
  • “Full Copyright”: Copyright granted on media under the terms listed above.
  • “Limited Copyright”: Copyright granted for media but limited by conditions outlined in the agreement.
  • “Full Copyright + NDA”: Copyright transferred to the Client for a set period of time or indefinitely.*

    *Requires a non-disclosure agreement and incurs an additional administration fee.



Humanoid Productions will not be liable for the following:

  1.  The fault in any of their products or services as a result of improper use.
  2. Failure to provide products or services caused by events beyond Humanoid’s control.
  3. Damage to persons, property or data caused by the use of Humanoid’s content or services.
  4. Delay or failure to conform to any of the obligations under the agreement that are caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond Humanoid’s control including failure of computer systems, software or equipment used by Humanoid or any of their suppliers.
  5. Consequential loss, including profit and third party claims.
  6. Views and opinions expressed in Humanoid’s productions do not necessarily represent those of the company or its employees; nor does Humanoid necessarily endorse the products and services featured in its content.


*Promotional Offers

*Applies to all incentive offers issued by Humanoid via printed flyer, website or social media.

  1. Exclusivity of offer(s) and any expiry will be denoted within the specific offer text/graphic.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, offer(s) can only be redeemed on orders valued £2,000 or higher and once full payment has been received.
  3. Offer(s) can only be claimed once by any one company, group or organisation.


Aerial Video

  1. Humanoid is authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly small unmanned aurcraft (SUA) to capture aerial video/photographs for commercial use.
  2. All flights will be conducted in accordance with the Air Navigation Order and CAP722 set out by the CAA.
  3. To maintain safe flight operations, all decisions made by the remote pilot on site or during a pre-flight survey are final.


Updated 2015