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What is a studio shoot?

A studio shoot uses professional production facilities to create beautifully lit footage against a controlled backdrop. Shots from the studio can be combined with location footage or animated content as part of a longer edit, or form a standalone video in their own right. Purpose built with all the latest kit and home comforts on hand, studios enable our crew to capture footage that would be near impossible to shoot in the outside world.

It’s no surprise then that studios are ideal for shooting promotional videos; showing products off in their best light (quite literally!) and capturing every microscopic detail in a truly neutral setting. If time is of the essence, filming against a white screen can dramatically speed up a video’s turnaround by producing crisp, clean footage that’s quicker to edit.

Whilst studio shoots are all about creating a controlled environment, they’re also an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Using the power of greenscreen technology, you can set your video wherever you may need it to be; combining footage of live action presenters with highly creative 3D surroundings. Got a long or technical script? A teleprompter can be set up on a studio shoot; acting as a useful reminder for presenters and helping to keep your video on message at all times.

For clients with really specific requirements, studios also offer empty space for sets to be constructed from scratch and depending on the budget and brief, we can find the perfect facility to meet your needs.

Take a look at a selection of our recent studeio shoots below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of studio shoot

  • Greenscreen
  • White infinity backdrop
  • Constructed set

What To Expect

When organising a studio shoot, we always plan each shot with absolute precision. Whether you only need a handful of shots or are looking to produce an entire video, we’ll manage your studio shoot from start to finish and help you to make the most of your studio time.

Scripts & Storyboarding

Scripts & Storyboarding

We’ll draft presenter scripts, brainstorm creative ideas and produce a scene-by-scene plan that truly delivers your brief.



From finding suitable studios and building custom sets to perfecting the lighting & preparing for sound recording on the day.

The shoot

The shoot

Using broadcast-quality kit, our scalable team will coordinate all aspects of your studio shoot to absolute perfection.

Why Humanoid…

At Humanoid, we’ve got lots of experience working on studio shoots, which means once we’ve agreed the plan together, you can sit back and relax from the comfort of the green room, safe in the knowledge we’ll get all the shots you need – and more. Likewise, if you want to be more hands on, you’re more than welcome to join us in amongst the action and sign off each shot at a time.

Our studio in Birmingham is acoustically treated and outfitted with a full complement of professional lighting equipment.
With two permanent infinity coves for quickfire white and greenscreen work, plus 2500 sqft of flexible space to build custom sets; it’s the perfect facility for our team of experts to bring your video to life.

For larger scale shoots, our regional connections give us access to full sound stages including top end facilities used by the BBC.

Related Services

If your video includes a studio shoot, here are just some of the techniques we’ll apply in the process:

3D visualisation

3D visualisation

Need to get down to the detail? We can bring CAD and technical drawings to life to demonstrate all aspects of a product.



On or off screen, people help to guide viewers through what’s happening. Need support drafting their scripts? We’ll help!

Sound design

Sound design

Captured by a professional sound recordist on the day, all audio is then mixed and mastered to produce crystal clear results.

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