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What is narration?

A powerful method of storytelling, narration provides a host for your video in the form of a voiceover or an on-screen presenter. Narration can be captured on location, in the studio or even in a remote recording studio.

To appeal to your target audience, appropriate actors & voice artists can be sourced and for international audiences, scripts written in different languages or recorded in regional dialects. Voiceovers in particular are a quick and easy way to make a video instantly relevant for non-English speaking viewers.

Some organisations may choose to have a recognised industry ‘expert’ to host their video, which can be incredibly persuasive and helps give a video its all-important credibility.

Narration lets brands convey lots of information to viewers quickly and succinctly; sending a clear message and giving it a personality of its very own in the process!

Take a look at a selection of our narrated videos below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of narration

  • Professional presenter
  • Industry expert
  • Studio-recorded voiceover

What To Expect

In our experience, the key to a successful narrated video is having a great script, the personality to match and its effective direction on the day. The good news is, the Humanoid team can help with every step of the process and will coordinate all aspects of your video’s narration to absolute perfection!



From drafting engaging scripts to brainstorming creative ideas, we’ll produce a scene-by-scene plan that meets your brief.



We’ll issue a casting call on your behalf and find an appropriate presenter or voiceover artist to act as your video’s narrator.



Action! Using the latest technology, our team will ensure you get the very best out of your chosen speaker during the recording.

Why Humanoid…

True perfectionists, we take the time to scout out the most authentic presenters and voiceover artists we can find; always taking into account your video’s target market and the age, gender and persona that would appeal the most. But we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on coaching artists before and during a recording to ensure they exceed your brief – along with your expectations!

All voiceovers are recorded and skilfully mastered by an experienced sound engineer using professional grade microphones in an acoustically treated studio.

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