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What is a location shoot?

A location shoot is effectively footage that’s obtained outside of a professional studio and can take place indoors aswell as outdoors, weather depending of course!

Capturing footage on location gives a finished video a real sense of authenticity; bringing the subject matter quite literally to life for an audience. If you’re planning an event, day or night, a location shoot is an absolute must as there’s no better way of conveying the event’s atmosphere to viewers than filming the action as it happens.

In the corporate world, location shoots are ideal for giving audiences a ‘behind the scenes’ look into your business, or that of a client; from acting as a professional backdrop for stakeholder interviews through to showcasing world-class premises, equipment or customer service.

For clients with very specific requirements, locations may need to be sourced. Depending on the budget & brief, there are a whole host of private venues available for hire. Alternatively, many public spaces are free but require permissions to be obtained prior to filming as well as Public Liability insurance to be held by the crew.

Take a look at a selection of our recent interviews below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of location shoot

  • Client premises
  • Third-party premises
  • Sourced venue
  • Event venue

What To Expect

When you’re filming on location, planning is key. Sourcing the best locations, obtaining approval and completing any necessary health & safety requirements can all take time but here at Humanoid, we can handle it all for you!



We’ll carry out a recce of your chosen location to identify all the best shots. Need a location for a shoot? We can find you one!



From obtaining location filming permits to completing risk assessments on your behalf, we’ll manage any necessary admin.

The shoot

The shoot

Using broadcast-quality kit, our team has the ability to coordinate all aspects of your location shoot to absolute perfection.

Why Humanoid…

At Humanoid, we’re equipped to deliver professional video miles from the nearest studio. We can use camera cranes, tracking, trained Steadicam operators and even drones to bring any location or event to life. Got special requirements? We’re well-prepared. Our crews are CSCS card holders, trained in first aid and CRB checked.

We always love clients to join us on a location shoot but if you’ve got a busy schedule and can’t afford to take the time out, don’t worry. We’ll act as an extension of you and your brand on the day; working tirelessly to deliver the brief – and more!

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If your video includes a studio shoot, here are just some of the techniques we’ll apply in the process:



Naturally scripted or completely unrehearsed, we’ll help you plan the perfect interviews with your key stakeholders.



Condense hours, days, weeks and even months into seconds with the use of a timelapse set up at your chosen location.



Need to get across the scale of a location or event? Our CAA approved pilots can capture aerial footage using drones.

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