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What is an international video?

An international video specifically targets either non-English speaking or international audiences and can be made with newly shot, existing footage or a combination of both, depending on the amount of adaptation required.

Although hiring regionally specific actors and filming new material on location will always produce more genuine results, it inevitably comes at a premium.

For brands on more modest budgets, studio-based software can be used to add voiceovers in different accents & foreign languages, dub on-screen presenters or overlay subtitles onto live action footage; all at a fraction of the price of a new shoot!

International videos are ideal for expanding into multiple markets quickly, without compromising your brand. Any translated call to actions, captions or infographics can be visually matched to your brand guidelines; helping to retain all-important consistency as your business grows.

Take a look at a selection of our international videos below to help give you some inspiration!

Choose this solution if

  • Translated voiceovers
  • Dubbed audio
  • Subtitles
  • Adapted visual content

What To Expect

Whether you’re looking to translate an entire video or just make a few subtle visual changes to target English-speaking nations like the US, our friendly & professional team can support you through every step of the process!



If it’s required, we can arrange for any existing audio or on-screen text to be translated into a language of your choice.



We can cast an appropriate voiceover artist to record your audio, either in a regionally specific accent or native tongue.



Using the latest technology, we can synchronise your new audio to footage, update in-video text and overlay branded captions.

Why Humanoid…

At Humanoid, we’re passionate about helping your brand break into new markets while making each of your international viewers feel like an adapted video was originally produced for them, and only them!

True perfectionists, we take the time to scout out the most authentic regional voiceover artists we can find and even have experience working with non-Roman alphabet languages! All voiceovers are then recorded in an acoustically treated studio environment, with timings & visuals skilfully edited using professional software.

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