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What are graphics overlays?

Graphic overlays are informative pieces of content, such as names, descriptions or subtitles, that are embed into a video as text and/or graphics. They’re traditionally overlaid onto live action footage and located within a strategically empty space.

As well as giving viewers information, graphic overlays are a simple yet effective way to enhance your video’s visual appeal. They can be produced to replicate your brand by using the same colours, fonts and icons found in your guidelines then animated to help your video flow from scene to scene.

Graphic overlays can also increase your video’s reach. Adding subtitles enable viewers with hearing impairments or those potentially viewing without any sound via social media to still enjoy your video. Likewise, adding translations can break down language barriers and even help your brand to expand into new & emerging markets!

Take a look at a selection of our recent graphic overlays below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of graphics overlays

  • In-scene captions
  • Annotations
  • Name straps
  • Subtitles

What To Expect

Graphic overlays may be one of the final steps in the video production process, but they’re by no means any less important. However simple or complex your graphic overlays need to be, we’ll always account for them during a shoot so they can be integrated seamlessly with the raw footage we capture when editing your final video.



We’ll take it scene-by-scene and set up shots to allow space for graphic overlays to be added where required.



Taking your brand guidelines as the starting point, we’ll design graphic overlays that are an exact match for your branding.



We’ll add animation to generate greater impact by adjusting how graphic overlays appear or play out on screen.

Why Humanoid…

At Humanoid, graphic overlays appear in some shape or form in almost every video we produce so it’s fair to say we’ve got lots of experience in creating them for clients.

Our team have the technical know how and expertise to embed graphic overlays onto live action footage in such a way that they instantly look & feel right at home.

Using professional software, we can produce them to reflect your brand or campaign entirely by using the exact same colour palette, iconography and typefaces and can even create them in multiple languages if you require it. ‘Tres bon’ we hear you say!

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