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What is dramatisation?

Generally reconstructive, a dramatisation is scripted or unscripted storytelling, based on real life events or a fictional scenario, that sets out to change an audiences’ attitudes or behaviours. More ‘human’ than other video techniques, viewers can easily emphathise with characters and the situations they encounter.

Depending on the subject matter, dramatisations can take several different forms. Accompanied with or without dialogue, events can be explicitly acted out on screen using professional, paid actors or even in some cases, willing volunteers!

For more sensitive topics, dramatisations can be staged so they’re more suggestive; showing events happening in the background, close-up or intentionally out of focus to protect identities, and allow the audiences’ imagination to fill in the blanks.

Combining emotive interviews, dramatic music and atmospheric colour grading, dramatisations make for thought-provoking, memorable pieces of film that have the power to influence viewers long after they’ve watched your video for the first time.

Take a look at a selection of our recent dramatisations below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of dramatisation

  • Scripted
  • Unscripted
  • Real-life
  • Conceptual

What To Expect

From storyboarding to sourcing actors, there’s lots of aspects to consider when organising your dramatisation and each step is important. If you’re planning an upcoming video that could include dramatisations, you’ll be pleased to know our friendly & professional team can handle the entire process for you; helping to tell your story like it’s our very own!

Scripts & storyboarding

Scripts & storyboarding

From drafting actors’ scripts to brainstorming creative ideas, we’ll produce a scene-by-scene plan that meets your brief.



Need someone to take a part? We can issue a nationwide casting call on your behalf and hold auditions to find suitable actors & extras.



Action! Using broadcast-quality kit, our team has the ability to coordinate all aspects of your dramatisation to absolute perfection.

Why Humanoid…

Here at Humanoid, our entire team consists of film school graduates so it’s probably no surprise to you that dramatisation is an aspect of video our team specialises in.

We proud of our ability to immerse ourselves in a story; carefully identifying the key moments and using storyboarding, cinematography and creative editing craft an impactful dramatisation!

Experienced in directing professional actors, we’ll find the right person for a part and can tap into a wide casting net if required. After the shoot, our skilled post-production team will set the overall tone of your video using a combination of colour grading, sound mixing and carefully selected music.

Related Services

If you’re thinking about including a dramatisation in your video, you might also be interested in some of our other related services:

Location shoots

Location shoots

Our friendly, down-to-earth team will gladly travel to a location of your choice to film, down the road or overseas.

Colour grade

Colour grade

Change the mood of your dramatisation with colour; we treat all the raw footage to make it more vibrant or atmospheric.

Sound design

Sound design

Captured by a professional sound recordist on the day, all audio is then mixed and mastered to produce crystal clear results.

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