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What is aerial?

Aerial simply refers to footage captured from the air. It’s often combined with ground based footage; helping to set the scene and put the overarching video into context.

Where aerial shoots in the past required a helicopter or crane (not forgetting a blockbuster budget), the use of drones make them significantly cheaper and quicker.

From factory premises through to live events, incorporating aerial in your video helps to give viewers a different perspective that may not be visible from the ground up – raising the quality of your entire video and setting it apart from your competition.

As well as requiring the usual permissions locally, anyone operating a drone is required to obtain a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and follow strict Health & Safety guidelines set out by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Take a look at a selection of our recent interviews below to help give you some inspiration!

Types of aerial

  • Premises
  • Events
  • Surveying

What To Expect

As well as keeping our fingers & toes crossed for the weather, successful aerial shoots are all in the preparation. Here at Humanoid, we conduct pre-flight surveys, complete all health & safety requirements and storyboard the entire shoot to ensure we maximise air time on filming day.

Pre-flight Survey

Pre-flight Survey

We’ll scout out the best location, carry out checks, obtain filming permits and complete a risk assessment on your behalf.



From brainstorming ideas for the shoot to producing a shot list, we’ll create a scene-by-scene plan designed to meet your brief.



Time for lift off! A trained drone operator and spotter will work together on the day to safely obtain all the aerial shots you need.

Why Humanoid…

As one of the first ever video production companies granted permission by the CAA, we’re legally qualified and fully insured to operate video drones commercially.

Using the latest stabilising drone technology, every Humanoid flight is crewed by a trained pilot and director of photography to ensure we have a technically safe flight without artistically compromising the finished results.

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Location shoots

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From adding and removing elements to replacing the colour of the sky, our team can work wonders to enhance your final edit.

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